iCare: You Engage, We Give. 

What is icare?
iCare is a simple way for you to support your favorite charitable organizations just by using the platform, at no cost to you. iCare is activated automatically for all members. Choose a charity in your profile settings on the iConnections dashboard at any time before allocations are announced to enroll your points in the system. iConnections will donate 1% of annual revenue to member chosen organizations based on their points accrued.  Choose from our list of national and local charitable organizations. Don't see one that you connect with? Contact us at info@iconnections.io to suggest your favorite charitable organization.
How do I earn points through icare?
Earn points by engaging with the platform. Points begin to accrue as soon as you become a member.  
  • 100 Points: Refer an allocator or fund manager
  • 100 Points: Complete a post-event survey
  • 50 Points: Complete your profile
  • 30 Points: Complete A/V testing
  • 30 Points: Complete a Meeting
  • 30 Points: Submit a testimonial we can publish on our website
  • 25 Points: Attend a coffee get-together
  • 10 Points: Host a coffee get-together
  • 10 Points: Upload a headshot
  • 10 Points: Complete a meeting rating
  • 10 Points: Download fund documents
  • 5 Points: Reply to a message
How do I activate icare?
iConnections members are automatically enrolled into the program. Activate by choosing your charitable organization by finding “iCare” listed in your profile Settings menu. 
Do I need to renew icare?
iThere is no renewal period for iCare.
Can I change my charity?
Yes, you can change your charity any time.  To change your charity on your web browser, simply select "Change your Charity" in "Your Account."
If I represent a charitable organization, how can I learn more about registering my organization for AmazonSmile?
Email us at info@iconnections.io to learn how to register your organization to receive donations.
Can I receive a tax deduction from participating in icare?
Donations are made by iConnections and are not tax deductible by you.